7 Signs You are Awakening

The moment of my awakening started without me even realizing it. I was craving a more spiritual nature. I basically went soul-searching. I wanted to know who I am on a spiritual level who my soul is. I didn’t know that I was waking up. These signs that I had in my awaking, actually helped me realize what was going on.

  1. You start craving a more meaningful life. You want purpose.

For me this was the case. I knew there was more to life, and I wanted to find it. I was tired of the same old routine day in, and day out. I woke up, got ready for work, went to work, got home, asked my husband a million times what he wanted for dinner until we finally decided, I made dinner, then we ate and went to bed. Woke up the next morning, and repeated everything all over again. It was monotonous, and I knew there was more to life.

  1. You feel all alone.

When I started my journey into the awakening process, I didn’t quiet know what was happening. I began feeling more, and more alone, because what I was thinking about was changing, while the people around me, whom I love, were not thinking like I was. They were still asleep, and most of them still are. The awakening process is a lonely road. Not every one who you surround yourself with is going to understand you. You may even be called weird, or strange. They may even say you’ve lost your mind. It’s ok though. You haven’t lost your mind, and there are others out there who are going through the same experience.

  1. You become hypersensitive

I started realizing a level of hypersensitivity to my five senses, and my intuition. I could hear everything, and I mean everything. I would lash out at my husband for having the television on too loud, and the volume was barely up. If the kids were in their rooms watching a video, I could hear it. My husband couldn’t hear a thing, but for me I could hear what they were watching, or listening to. It’s supper annoying. Yes I love being able to hear, but supersonic hearing felt a little over bearing to me, because at that time I just wanted peace in my life, and that level of hearing is not so peaceful. Many people will have different experiences with this. Not everyone will have super sonic hearing like I did, but you will notice changes.

  1. A need to live your dreams. Being more creative.

Since my awakening, I have had a longing desire to live my dreams. When you are in the awakening process, you will notice a spike in creative thoughts. You will want to act on these creative ideas. It’s almost like a deep burning desire to want to achieve these new ideas. You will have a longing to inspire others with your ideas, and it’s a never-ending download of new information all the time. Being more creative makes you feel alive, and you realize that your dreams are possible, and that you can achieve them. I had a hard time at night, especially while trying to go to sleep. The thoughts in my head are elevated at night, when the house is dark, and quiet. My creative mind starts thinking all kinds of new, and interesting things I can do to help others.

  1. You will see more and more Synchronicities.

Some people may call these coincidences, but they are not. During your awakening you will be in touch with your higher spiritual self, and your intuition increases. When I started my journey, I thought I was losing my mind. I kept noticing 555 everywhere I went. I kept seeing it, and even told my husband that I was losing my mind. That wasn’t the case. I was having these synchronicities due to my awakening consciousness.

I have more, and more meaningful synchronicities happen to me every day. I pay attention to what they are, and the meanings behind them. I believe this is my higher self, or my spirit guides who are trying to guide me to my souls purpose. We are all here for a reason, and if we aren’t listening to our higher self, and our spirit guides, we can’t be guided to that higher purpose. The point is to pay attention. Synchronicities are happening all the time whether you are aware of them or not.

  1. The desire to eat better and take care of your body.

The thing with becoming awakened is that you are more in touch with your body, and what its craving, instead of what your ego is craving.   I noticed that my body was craving more fresh foods, healthier foods. I noticed that I wanted to be more active, but I wanted it to be beneficial to my mind, body, and spirit, not just my body. Balance is key to awakening. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not humans having a spiritual experience. My soul craves healthier foods. The fast food industry doesn’t even appeal to me any longer. I feel like crap when I eat it, and my body reacts poorly to it. Food will no longer be something you see as just being tasteful, you will see it as a means to fuel your bodies, and fuel it with healthy, fresh foods.

  1. A desire to worry less

When we are feeling more positive, and trying to control the way we are thinking, we have a desire to worry less on this awakening journey. Worrying only brings stress, and we no longer want the stresses of the world, and our everyday old life to bog us down. There’s no room for worry in our lives any longer, because we are focused only on positive ways of living and thinking.

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