A little about how this came to Be

The Journey Started

It all started about 2 years ago when my mind started changing, I got a feeling of there had to be more to this life. I got hungry. My Soul is craving a place in this world, and my ego began shrinking.
I figured out that spiritual awakening is a bigger picture than just one thing like the soul. It is a connection between all of it; mind, body, and soul. I am craving a healthy spiritual relationship with my whole being. I want a healthy body that can heal itself, and that is full of youth, vitality, and abundant energy. I want a sharp mind that isn’t closed off from any experience, and that understands that love for each other can create miracles. I want a spirit that believes in oneness with all life forms, and that realizes we are all the same conscious energy.
This is how this journey and path to a spiritual oneness journey came to be. The path to finding Drue.


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