Are You a Lightworker

There are signs you may be a lighter worker. What is a light worker you ask? Well a lighter worker is someone who volunteered before his or her birth, to help the earth become a better place. Each lightworker has a purpose here on this planet, and they have a desire to produce positive energy. They want to heal the world, and will have an awakening in their lives. LIghtworkers will forget their purpose on earth, and become wrapped up in the material aspects of our world, hence the awakening process that will happen to them.

Here are some signs you may be a lightworker, and not even know it.

  1. You have a strong desire to help people

Because lightworkers are empathetic in nature, they tend to want to help others in need. They will take up careers in service such as nurses, doctors, counselors, and teachers. Some will find their purpose in writing to act as a voice to humankind.


  1. You are somewhat of a rebel

LIghtworkers are different, and can come off a bit weird to people. They don’t exactly fit into societies mold of “normal”.  They don’t exactly fit in anywhere it can seem, and this can be hard for them.

Lightworkers can be known to rebel against authority. It is part of the lightworkers purpose to set a new way of transcended living.

If you are having trouble fitting in to societies specific mold, and going against authority you may be a lightworker.


  1. You love the stars and anything cosmic related

  Lightworkers feel like they have another home, the cosmos. They feel out of place on earth, and long to be back home. They feel as though they are connected to something beyond this planet. They can feel their souls purpose coming from a higher calling, not of this world.



  1. You love alone time

Lightworkers will want to seek their own path. They will feel lonely, and misunderstood, as others around them will not fully get them. A lightworker will pick up on energies around them; this is especially true if the energies are negative, which is why lightworkers feel the need to be alone. Those negative energies will drain them, and they have comfort in being alone, so they can recharge.


  1. You are interested in personal development

Lightworkers want to be the best versions of themselves, and they are being guided to do so. They will dive deep into personal development, because helping others involves helping them be the best version of themselves.

Lightworkers will surround themselves with inspiration, and positivity, which they will seek in personal development books, films, and seminars.  

LIghtworkers will want to also include eating healthier, and maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

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