Beginning Yoga

Today is a day my husband and I have decided to get healthier. Yes, I said, HEALTHIER. We are in our mid-thirties, and we are roly poly ollies, as I like to call us. It sounds like a fun, and cute name, but don’t get me wrong, there is nothing fun, or cute about it. We roll off our couch, and out of the recliners, because we have neglected our bodies for years.   
I found that on my spiritual journey to enlightenment I want to be healthy. I think this is a side effect I looked up, and it’s completely true. When you are embarking on a more spiritual life, you will find that your body is craving healthy things, or at least mine is.
Right now, I’ve gotten back into my Boot Camp HIIT classes at the gym, and even-though I love them, my body, and spirit are wanting something a little more towards that spiritual awakening workout, where it feeds my mind, body, and spirit, so I have concluded that Yoga is our next venture to our spiritual enlightenment.
I fear Yoga. I don’t know why, it just looks so intimidating, but I’m going to give it a go. To my surprise my husband has also agreed to do this. For one, his doctor told him yoga is the best exercise for him, because he has had four major back surgeries, a knee surgery, and probably a rotator cuff surgery soon. Yes, my husband is a medical misfit. This is a name he has given himself, but honestly, I think it’s true.
So, today I will be looking for a beginner’s yoga DVD that we can both do in the comfort of our home. That’s another thing that is so hard for me, I am horrible at motivating myself to workout, especially if I’m at home. It’s hard for me to make myself commit, and do it, but I know I must for our health. If not, I may not be here long enough to see my dreams manifesting. If you have any good ideas about a beginners Yoga DVD, send me a reply, and let me know which ones you suggest for us.   
I will be picking one very soon, and I will let you guys know how that’s going for us, and if we can make it through the first ten minutes. 🙂


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