Do You Believe in Magic

It’s hard to believe in magic, or in strange occurrences as an adult. It’s easy when we are children. We are open to all sorts of magical things. We want magic in our lives when we are kids, so we believe in it. Our little minds are open to all sorts of possibilities.

Something happens to us when we get older. We’re told that magic isn’t real, and we lose our belief in endless possibilities. Since I’ve been on my journey magic is starting to happen again. Strange things are taking place, and it’s making me believe again. It’s making me believe in myself again. I’m not lying when I tell you this, but as I’m typing these words, the power in my house just flickered on and off like crazy, and even went out for almost a whole minute. The sky is clear, and not a drop of rain in the forecast. Weird things are happening.

On the day of the breakdown that I had written about in an earlier post, eerie events were unfolding before my very eyes. Ive been seeing the same repeating number sequences for the past three weeks. I believe these to be a form of guidance, and since I had started living in the moment, I see them a lot.

My mailman whom I’ve never spoken to, stopped and poured his life story out to me, then offered me a book to read before he went on his way. A few days after that, my neighbor, whom I barely talk to, text me out of the blue, and asked me to go shopping with her. I thought this to be odd, but since I’m trying to live in the moment, I thought what the hell, why not?

By the time that afternoon rolled around, and she came to pick me up, I talked myself out of it. I’m a bit of an introvert, and I had just gotten off work, so I really didn’t feel like shopping. When she knocked on my door, I was in the middle of the breakdown.

I took a break from raising all kinds of hell, and contemplated on answering the door for a few seconds. I finally got up and answered. She immediately knew I wasn’t going by the look on my face. I was steaming with frustration, and self-doubt.   I told her I was starting a blog, and that I’m trying to live more positively, and she says to me “I may have a book for you”.

That’s the second random person offering me a book to read in the past three weeks. Now I see what appears to be synchronicity happening all around me. What seems like random events at the time, were actually what I call signs from the universe, or God.

The more I practice staying positive, and being in the moment, the more magic I see happening all around me. I have to constantly tell myself to keep going, and to not give up. It’s hard but I now it’s going to be worth it. I want to see more magic. I actually expect it now. Life is mysterious, and full of potentials just waiting for us to find them. That’s what I want my life to be, a mysterious, and wonderful journey of endless adventure, and possibilities. Life is too short. I may as well live it like I want to live it. It is my life after all.

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