Gratitude Journal

  My gratitude journal changed my life.  It’s amazing how one small practice every day that doesn’t take but a few minutes can actually change your life.

I’m going to be honest, I started a gratitude journal about six months ago. I wrote down everything I’m thankful for and then I started to write in it how I have gratitude for my dreams as if they were already happening in the now.

I had seen this on the movie The Secret, so I started this practice for myself, and he magic started happening, and doors I never thought possible started opening.

I kept doing it and kept listening to positive affirmations until one day I believed it enough to see changes in my life and changes in how I think.

I started believing my dreams are possible. Dreams can come true.

Gratitude journals for me, help me believe in myself, and we all need to believe in something.

I choose me. I believe in me.


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