More Great Films for Positive Living

 Here a list of more films that I have watched, and that have changed my mind, how I think, and that have just changed my life in general. I hope you like them as much as I did.
  1.  The Shift

    The Shift is a movie about how a life changing shift takes place in people’s lives. In this movie, they give 3 real life examples of this shift. This movie centers on Dr. Wayne Dyer talking about the shift.

Dr. Dyer talks about the afternoon of life, getting away from the EGO, and he then ties it into the Law of Attraction. I have watched this a few times, and it seems like each time I watch, I learn something new. It’s a great film, and was very powerful for me on my journey into changing my mindset, and opening to the powers within me.

  1. Spirit Space; A Journey Into Your Consciousness

  Spirit Space is a documentary that explores the unanswered questions about the soul, life after death, and our consciousness. This film dives deep into the questions of life. “Who are we?”, and “Where do we come from?”. This film tries to explain how our existence is not limited to the boundaries of our bodies.

  1. The Power of the Heart

  I absolutely love this film. It features some well-known people like Eckhart Tolle, and Deepak Chopra, and shows fascinating evidence that the heart is much more than an organ that sits in our chest to keep us alive. The heart can transform your views on our trouble areas in life such as, money, health, relationships, and even success. It’s also a book if you prefer that, but I’m more of a visual person.




  1. Inner Worlds Outer Worlds

This film is a little long, but it didn’t feel that way to me, because I was really digging it. This movie won many awards, including the Award of Excellence at the Canadian International Film Festival.

I loved this film, and it sits up there with some of the favorites on my list. The film shows how there is one source that connects all things. “The Power of One”. We are all connected in this universe by a greater power, and this film dives deep into explaining this, and shining a light on the topic. If you like the Law of Attraction, and the Power of One, you will love this film.

  1. Choice Point: Align Your Purpose

  This is another award-winning documentary, and I must say that I loved it. Anytime someone tells me that they have had out of body experiences, or that they talk to higher spirits, I’m all in. This film talks about the change that the world needs, and how we can be that change. All it takes is one person at a time, and we can begin to see changes in our lives, and we can help others by spreading the word, and succeeding as a human race. It’s a powerful film, and a must see.

These are just a few films that I have watched to help me learn about the Law of Attraction, and how to change my mindset. I love these films, and they have helped me, and I believe you will like them as well.

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  2. I so appreciate movies and books such as those you mentioned. A few of your chosen ones I have not seen, therefore, on my list! In a world where most of the movies are, to me, too violent, it is a true pleasure to see some that have the power to help us be more of who we can be! Thanks for sharing

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      I agree with you. The movie industry has gotten a little out of hand with the violence. I love anything that enhances my knowledge and brain power.

  3. All of these interest me! I’m hoping I can find them on Netflix. We are always looking for something new to watch because regular TV drives me crazy with all the advertising and lack of shows that interest me. I’m all for making life more positive and finding meaning in what we do every day. Thanks for the ideas!

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      If you can’t find them on Netflix try youtube or if this interest you, I have a monthly subscription to Gaia, and I absolutely love it. It’s filled with all sorts of shows and documentaries on this subject.

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