Does the Law of Attraction Work

Question of the day is: drum roll please…. Does the Law of Attraction really work?

  My answer to this question is yes BUT, (yes there’s a but) it’s not a genie. MY opinion of the Law of Attraction, or the Law of Vibration, is that it’s a change in the mind. You must change your thinking, and your mindset before this will start working for you, then you must take ACTION.

It took me a while to understand this myself. You cannot sit in your recliner, binge watch your favorite T.V. shows, rub on a lamp, and expect the Law of Attraction genie to pop out, and start granting your wishes. That little genie isn’t coming out of that lamp until your vibrations match his. That’s the best way I know how to explain it. Think of the Law of Attraction as a scared little genie, who feels the environment around them, and if that environment isn’t true, authentic happiness, gratitude, and joy, he’s not coming out to grant wishes, until it is.

Here are some reasons the Law of Attraction is NOT working for you

You still believe the lies

Your thoughts might be positive but your beliefs are not.

You can sit in that pretty little blue recliner all you want, and imagine your dream life, but unless you believe it, which most of you do not, it will not happen. Here’s the reason you don’t believe it.

But wait, I do believe it you say, well my answer is, Do you really?

Come on let’s be honest, back when I started trying to implement this fabulous law into my life, it wasn’t easy.    I sat there in that blue recliner, and believed good positive thoughts (for a few minutes), and expected greatness to just come out and pop me in the face.

Guess what? It didn’t happen, and the reason is because I didn’t believe it because of all the negative thoughts that were buried deep into my subconscious mind for years. I mean years like when I was a kid years. Yes, we have all been filled with self-doubt since we were kids, when our parents listened to us tell them we wanted to be astronauts with gleaming precious smiles on our faces, and then told us to pick a “REAL JOB” when we got older, and graduated high school. Sound familiar? Self-doubt, and undeserving feelings will hold you back.

You don’t understand what the Law of Attraction is

Again, I thought I had it figured out. I’m going to think positive thoughts, and all my problems will disappear, and I will be given abundance and wealth.

Wrong again.

My problem was, I had tried to practice something, I knew nothing about.  That’s the point when I started trying to learn about it.

The Law of Attraction is just a tool. It’s like a doorway to an unknown world. A world filled with great possibilities, but we can’t get to it, unless we figure out how.

Ok think of the Law of Attraction as a doorway into another dimension, and in this dimension, you are living the best version of your life, your dream life, and the only way to get through to this other dimension is by aligning your whole being with that dream life of yours. Before you step through that dimension you must first reprogram your brain to believe it exist.

We must take out all the junk that’s making us doubt ourselves, and we must remove those bad, negative feelings, and fill that brand new space with new beliefs, and new knowledge. Most of us don’t take the time to remove those obstacles before we try entering that dimension, and what happens is resistance. Our subconscious brain is resisting these positive thoughts, because we haven’t reprogramed it to believe again.

What I’m saying is, our old self, our EGO, comes out to play, and it’s playing for keeps. That old EGO is just fine with the way your life is, and it doesn’t want to change. If you are experiencing resistance, my opinion on this matter is that you haven’t reprogrammed your subconscious mind into believing yet. You are still stuck with the beliefs of your EGO, and it won’t let go. I have a list of Films that I wrote about that helped me in starting to understand the mystery behind the Law of Attraction.  I will be posting a new, updated list soon. There are many ways you can reprogram your mind, and start fully understanding the power of the Law of Attraction, because it is powerful, and it does work, for those who are willing to put in the time to fully understand it, and master this awesome tool.

With all that being said, the Law of Attraction is a great tool, but it won’t work unless you do. Put in the work to reprogram how you think, and you will see the magic, and beauty of your dream life open up to you. I am not a guru, these are just my own personal experiences with the Law of Attraction.

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