Out with the Old

It’s time to go out with the old, and let the new shine through.  I’ve been blocked for a few days now on what to write about next.  I have learned to pay attention to these blocked moments because I believe these moments are when I need to release old negative energies that no longer serve me.  I’ve also noticed the change in my emotions.  I get really emotional when I need to release these old energies.  I know we all release differently, and mine just happens to be through a good solid cry.

The earth releases its energy in many ways.  This happens through all sorts of natural occurrences.  To us humans, we call them natural disasters.

A disaster.  Thats how I sometimes feel when I’m releasing my energy.  Like a hot mess and a half.

I release in a way more like rain, just a natural flow of a soft rain.  That wasn’t always the case.  Some times it was more like a hurricane; constant spinning of out of control raw negative emotions.

That was the old me.  The me before the AWAKENING.

It’s been a trying week for my husband, and I noticed a karma cycle happening.

A karma cycle is events that replay over and over in our lives until we learn the lesson we need to learn in order for us to grow and move forward in our lives.

The event that played out this week would’ve been like it was in the past

nasty, drug-out fighting back and forth with my husbands ex-wife over who gets the kid.

Well this time the kid is a teenager, and we no longer feel the need to fight, because honestly, it’s the teenagers choice, right?  That’s what the court says, and we are not getting thrown back into this fucked up karma cycle again. I think we’ve learned our lesson, and this matter will be dealt with love, and respect for that childs’ wishes, even if they are not in our favor.

Today I let the past go as I release that negative energy that no longer serves me, and I embrace the winds of change.  I learned from this karma cycle.  I set free the negative feelings, and I made room for something new. It’s like the universe says to me, Good job, now you are ready to receive new abundant joy, and creative ideas that will bring you closer to reaching your goals,

and then the massive downloads happen, and the flood gates of abundance open up.

Leave me a comment below and tell me some ways you release your old negative energies that are weighing you down?  I’d love to hear about it.

With Love,



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