How to Raise your Bodys Vibration

In the time of the Great Awakening happening here on our earth a lot of us lightworkers are wanting to raise our vibrations, and to keep them raised.  It is a challenge to most because our human body isn’t used to operating on such a high level frequency.  We are having these uncomfortable symptoms as we are shifting into higher frequencies, and the need to ease them has become number one on my to-do list.

If you are like me, the need to become physically lighter in this transcendence has become very important to you as well.  I have made a list for you on things you can do to lighten your load a little to help ease up these symptoms of awakening as you transition through these higher vibrations.  Our physical bodies are also having a hard time with this awakening, and to gain some form of comfort we can help make our bodies better.

The first thing you can do to raise your vibration is to DRINK lots of WATER.

The body needs water, and it is very important when trying to raise your vibrations.  Water holds higher vibrations, and the human body is made up of between 60-80% of water.  It can also detox the body from harmful toxins flushing them out, and allowing a more pure source for vibrational frequencies to flow more effortlessly.

The second thing we can do to raise our vibrations is to eat live foods.  Live foods consist of fruits and vegetables.  Eat organic fruits and vegetables if possible.  Eating foods that are high in vibration will help you to raise your vibrations.  These foods also have a high H2O content, and we already stated how important water is in this shift in energies.  The higher vibration our food has, the higher we raise our own vibrations.  We are what we eat.

Avoid foods such as beef, and pork.  These meats carry a lower vibration, and fish or chicken is a better substitute if you are a not ready to commit to a full plant-based diet just yet.  They are lighter in vibration, so eating these meats will not drastically lower your vibrational frequencies.

When we eat poorly our bodies react poorly.  We are sluggish, and heavy which can make for a not so smooth transition into a higher vibrational frequency.  We can’t stop the earth from moving into this higher frequency, but we can control how we go through it, and living consciously, and more mindful of the health of our body will help us tremendously.


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