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  Today is my 36th birthday, and it got me to thinking. I’m tired of conforming; I want to be me. You see, I’m a reserved person when it comes to speaking my mind. My family, and friends probably wouldn’t think that, because I’m very outspoken to an extent, but I never fully say what’s on my mind. I always filter. The thing is, I don’t want to filter anymore. I’ve done that my whole life.

When I went to see an intuitive healer about two months ago, she stated that I needed to speak my truth. I hold a lot of things in, so I decided what the hell, Why not? I’m in my mid-thirties, nothing to lose, and everything to gain. I may as well be talking about things that interest me, and that I think you would be interested in as well. Maybe, hell, I don’t know.

  See I watch a lot of weird things, or it would be weird to some people, probably a few of my friends would think they are weird things, but to me, they are cool as shit. I mean when I say I watch weird shit, I’m talking about stuff like the Law of Attraction, conspiracy theories, enlightenment, awakening, aliens, quantum physics, paranormal, metaphysical, ascension (which just boggles my mind, and makes me think about all the things I have believed must be true my whole life), and the list goes on.

I’m tired of filtering my authentic voice. Fuck it; I’m done with that shit. You see what I did there?   No filter.

Isn’t society the thing that made those “bad words”? For example, my father-in-law told me that shit is actually an acronym. I loved my father-in-law. He was very open-minded, and full of information, and I loved having deep conversations with him. We lost him almost a year ago this May 22nd. I miss him a lot.

He told me that S.H.I.T stood for SHIP HIGH IN TRANSIT. That’s what they put on cargo containers of manure that shipped from place to place, so it wouldn’t be shipped below cabin, get wet, fill the cabins with methane, and then go boom. So yea, an honest to goodness, innocent acronym became a cuss word.

No more damn filter for me.

So, with all that off my chest, I guess it’s safe to say that I will be talking about outside the box topics. I like being outside the box. I’m weird, and I like it. I can finally say that, and have confidence about it, without fearing I get rejected, because, I don’t care about being rejected any longer. Who has time to worry about that? There is so much more to life than feeling down and out because of fear of not being accepted.

To all the weirdos out there who think outside the box, just be you.

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