Who Do you Need to Find

Drue is my middle name.  My friends and family know me by my first name.  On this journey I decided I needed to find out who I am before I could find my passion.

You know how our middle name always seems to just be that -just a middle name?  It serves no real purpose to the majority of the human population.  Well, shit, I don’t know that 100% so I’ll say it serves no purpose to most people I know.

You know what I’m talking about, like Sarah Jessica Parker, or Sarah Michelle Gellar.  They obviously use their middle name.

Anyways, the point is, that I look at that middle name as a reflection of a part of us, and our passions that we’ve lost along the way.  Who is Drue?  What does that girl like?  What are her passions?  Is she also hard-headed, and crazy as hell?  Is she cool, and will she like me?

I needed to find that part of me that I’ve lost along the way.  I needed to get to know her so I could be complete.  I needed to find her so I could grow, and live my dreams.

I needed to find Drue.

Are you needing to find someone as well?

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