What is this Ascension all About Anyways

The Awakening Process is becoming a household name, and it’s because millions of people all over the globe are waking up.  I have even heard Oprah mention this phenomenon on Super Soul Sunday.  Which is a show I love btw.

What’s happening is that we are confused as all get out, and our friends, and families are still asleep, so thank goodness for the Internet.  That’s all we have now that’s helping bridge this gap in connecting with like-minded people, and I couldn’t imagine going through this with no one to talk to.

I just talked to someone yesterday from Sweden who is also going through this, and I didn’t feel so alone.  After months of feeling the loneliness taking over, I’m relieved to hear of another soul that’s going through the same thing I am going through.

Anyways, The reason we are going through this awakening process is because of ascension,-the rise of consciousness, or spiritual evolution.

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the act of rising to an important place or higher level.  I know many of you are familiar with Jesus, and you also know that Jesus went through an ascension.  We are experiencing an ascension as well.  We are experiencing a great jump from 3rd and 4th dimension into the 5th dimension.  Every time we rise up a level in dimension it’s called ascending.  This is taking place all over our planet, and Earth as we know it is changing, and so are the people on it.

Our 3D world is everything we experience with our senses.  That’s everything we see, hear, feel, taste, and smell.  We are also experiencing some of the 4D, which is ideas, emotions, and our thoughts.  It is now time for us to evolve, and ascend into the 5th dimension which is a reality of supreme illumination, bliss, and timelessness.  I’m not sure what 5D is like personally because we aren’t there yet, but some say we will be with the Ascended Masters like Jesus,and Buddha.  It’s the “Heaven” reality.

Our planet needs this spiritual evolution.  We need this.  We are at “Rock Bottom” so to speak, and the awakening process is helping to bring us into higher frequencies, so we can match those ascension frequencies of love and light, and ascend with ease, and in harmony.        If you like this



Happy Ascending

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